Ceyla Ventures is a fast-growing, technology-driven company revolutionizing the education system in India. Every day, our innovative products and solutions transform the lives of India’s school-going children.To be the top education solutions-provider in India by 2020. We believe in partnerships with our employees, customers, vendors, governing bodies and other stakeholders to strengthen the ecosystem over a long time horizon.


The company recognizes education as one of the building blocks of any nation and considers it as a priority area for its CSR activities. The aim is to nurture young minds and educate them, so that they contribute to the nation’s development. Realizing the importance and relevance of education, a number of initiatives have been undertaken in this respect like establish, setup, and run educational institutions, study centers, oral coaching classes in professional, technical, vocational or higher education in every field of science, commerce, arts, management, engineering, law, banking, insurance, finance, medical or any other mode of providing education, technical training, short term job oriented courses, coaching classes etc.

Client: Kavoon Me

Category: Education

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