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Film Production

Company Overview

Ceyla Ventures is a leading film production company that offers highly professional and efficient services to film makers. The company usually looks over the film from when it’s just an idea to completion. We are the leading provider of excellent film production services and take good care of all production related needs.We are the best all round Production Company – its assist in the budgeting, scheduling, scripting, casting, distribution, exhibition and more.

We are made up of many departments or individuals which, in its most basic form, work in unison to acquire and deliver films to an audience.

We can become involved at any point of the filmmaking process, from concept, draft screenplay, principal photography, post-production or the completed project.

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We are responsible for physical production of any sort of media products. For a film to go into production it needs investors to provide the necessary funding. We may also be directly responsible for raising money for the production or may accomplish this through an emissary. We provide all types of financial services including raising and placement of funds, placement of securities, advising on investment of funds, act as financial consultants, asset management consultants, project counseling and advisory services, foreign exchange advisory services, syndication of funds, portfolio investment consultants in respect of shares, debentures, securities, bonds etc.

The company is also responsible for the marketing of the film. We produce films as well as distribute them. The distribution phase of the film industry is a highly competitive business of launching and sustaining films in the market place. Every film has its own distribution plan to ensure it reaches the right audiences.

We also carry on the business of construction of film studios, letting or subletting the use of cinema hall, theatres, picture, places, studios or other machinery, apparatus, building or structure of the company for the purpose use, exhibitions, display of films, dramatic or theatrical performances, concerts or other entertainments.

The professionals in our firm are aware of various concerns in film making which help film makers in producing blockbuster movies, documentaries, TV shows, TV commercials etc. The firm offers the best services to help in making films without any hassles.